A jQuery plugin which enables slideUp and slideDown to be controlled via a speed number rather than time. i.e. taller elements take longer to slide
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slideSpeed() allows you to control elements sliding up or down with a set speed rather than a timing.

The value of 'speed' within this plugin is quite ambiguous and although it probably does have a measurement (think its pixels per 1/100th of a second or something similar, I can't be bothered to work it out. So just think of it as a number that if you want the elements to go faster, you make bigger.

If you do have the brains to work out what element it is - let me know!

This plugin is used instead of jQuery's .slideDown(), .slideUp() or .slideToggle()

for example:


The slideSpeed() plugin can take 3 parameters:

    speed: 50, //the speed
    slide: 'down', //can be up, down or toggle.
    callback: function(){} // gets fired once the element has done its thing

The values listed in the example above are the defaults for the plugin.

In terms of 'speed' values, I conducted some tests and noted what the times produced were.

For a div with a height of 600px - I achived the following results:

With a speed value of 20 the div took 3000ms to animate. With a speed value of 50 the div took 1200ms to animate. With a speed value of 80 the div took 800ms to animate

I don't currently have any live examples but it doesn't take long to implement!

I would suggest copying the code and placing it in your own js file.