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v3.1 [ API CHANGE! ]

  • Feature: Added instance method applyDefaults
  • Feature: Added instance method watcher
  • Feature: Added instance method fireEvent
  • Feature: Added instance varible defaults
  • Feature: Added instance varible watcherSpeed
  • Feature: Added support for TDD
  • Change: Renamed method removeAll to reset
  • Change: Methods remove, reset and fromObject now take the defaults into account
  • Bug: Resolved dependency on Object.prototype.keys
  • Bug: Resolved dependency on Array.prototype.each
  • Bug: Fixed implementation of class method clear; wasn't working in IE
  • Bug: Fixed event listeners, one function can now only be assigned once to a selector
  • Bugs: Fixed events not firing in special cases
  • Bugs: Fixed events firing when they should not in special cases
  • Bug: Fixed bug in Firefox when using functions as values
  • Other: Updated copyright


  • Change: Improved implementation of class method


  • Feature: Added event support
  • Feature: Added clear class method
  • Other: Small improvements


  • Change: Moved var statements


  • Feature: Added version number to README file
  • Feature: Added Changelog
  • Change: Improved code style