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Hot + Cold

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Have you ever used traditional navigation systems and just thought to yourself, “This is way too easy!” They tell you where you are, where you’re going, and precisely how to get there. How can we make this mundane process more exciting?

With Hot + Cold, we combine the fun of getting lost with the joy of arriving at your destination.

Our award-winning navigation experience only needs a point-of-interest category and maximum travel distance to get you off on your way to discovering new places. You navigate the streets nearly blind, with no knowledge of your destination, but Hot + Cold delivers subtle suggestions based on the age-old warmer and colder cues. The color hue even changes as you complete your journey, confirming your intuition.

Hot + Cold eliminates the tedious decision-making process from the equation. We’ve all used far-less-superior local aids to help select a restaurant, but are they useful when you can just reject each option as it shows up? (They're not.) By capturing the power of the λ-calculus and igniting industry-standard Turing-complete computational models, Hot + Cold carefully selects an open destination in your vicinity, and go there you must before reject it you may.

Hot + Cold was initially developed for HackBeanpot, February 6-8, 2015, at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Please do not commercially distribute Hot + Cold source files or binaries.

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