Lightweight code for zooming into DOM elements. Useful for computer vision annotation tools. Maybe useful for your project too!
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With some dumb js, you can pan or scroll into anything! Demo:

Pan/Zoom into a video!

Zoom into a video

Pan/Zoom into an image!

Zoom into an image

Pan/Zoom into a container!

Zoom into a video

I'm using this to build annotation tools for computer vision datasets and to study the roll spatial context plays in perception. Use it for anything.


git clone


npm install --save omnizoom

then include some files in your HTML Put these two lines in your header

<link rel="stylesheet" href="omnizoom.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="omnizoom.min.js"></script>  

If you used git, they'll be in omnizoom/dist If you used npm, they'll be in node_modules/omnizoom/dist


  1. make sure you've included the code (above)
  2. add the css class zoom to any zoomable elements
  3. add the css class zoom-container to any container around a zoomable object (this prevents the zoom from overflowing its container.
  4. include this somewhere (new omnizoom.Zoomer()).addElem(<your-element>).addZoom()


Possible HTML elements:

<div class="zoom-container container" width="50%">
  <video id="zoomable-video" class="zoom" preload="auto" controls src="your-video.mp4"></video>
<div class="zoom-container container" width="50%">
  <img id="zoomable-img" class="zoom" src="your-img.JPG">
<div class="zoom-container">
  <div id="zoomable-div" class="zoom">

How to make each element zoomable with the scroll wheel:

// add zoom functionality to the video
const zoomy1 = new omnizoom.Zoomer()
// add pan functionality to the img
const zoomy2 = new omnizoom.Zoomer()
// add zoom and pan functionality to the div
const zoomy3 = new omnizoom.Zoomer()