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== 1.1.3
* Major changes
* Add support for HTTP HEAD requests(Tim Anglade)
* Make CouchRest#database! check if a db exists before creating it(Tim Anglade)
== 1.1.2 - 2011-07-18
* Minor changes
* Added `as_couch_json` method. If available, will be called before sending document to JSON encoder.
== 1.1.1 - 2011-07-04
* Urgent change
* Ensuring attributes hash initalized on use to avoid issues when initializer is overwritten.
== 1.1.0 - 2011-06-25
* Minor changes
* Refactored basic CouchRest API (get, post, etc.) to pass-through RestClient and MultiJSON options, including headers.
* CouchRest::Attributes module created to make attribute related methods independent.
== 1.1.0.pre3 - 2011-06-06
* Major changes
* CouchRest::Response removed
* CouchRest::Document now forwards key Hash methods (instead of inheritance) (thanks @karmi for prompting the discussion:
* Support multiple JSON gems with multi_json (thanks chrisdurtschi)
== 1.1.0.pre2 - 2011-04-08
* Major changes
* Time#to_json monkey patch removed! Standard JSON methods now used instead.
* Minor alterations
* Named doc replication (thanks @ahamid)
* Database#update_doc no longer requires document to be returned from block (thanks @ferrous26)
* Streamer now available for all queries that return multiple documents (thanks @pcapr for pointer)
* Streamer#view method removed, use Database.view with block
* Database#changes method added (with streamer option)
* Added :allow_nil option when creating views
* Bug fix: only symbols can be passed as view options (helps fix auto :reduce option)
WARNING: If you depend on ordering by Time, this release may cause issues on old databases!
Either update your documents to use the new format (JSON standard), or use Javascript's Date.parse
method in your views. Also, use Time#utc to ensure universal ordering regardless of time
zone. (CouchRest Model does this automatically.)
== 1.0.2
* Minor enhancements
* Bundler
* Dependency versions upgrade
* Removed reduce option from view's defaults. Now detected according to presence of reduce function.
* Design#has_view? and Design#can_reduce_view? now available publically
== 1.0.1
* Minor enhancements
* rest-client version mismatch between couchrest.rb & gemspec
* json 1.4.X series re-enabled as tests now pass with v.1.4.6
== 1.0.0
* Major enhancements
* Moved ExtendedDocument and friends into own library, couchrest_extended_document. (Sam Lown)
* Removed HttpAbstraction component for direct interface with RestClient. (Sam Lown)
* Changed version to more conventional format starting from 1.0.0 to avoid ambiguity issues with order. (Sam Lown)
== 0.38
* Major enhancements
* Add create_target option to Database#replicate_to and #replicate_from. (Alexander Uvarov)
* Removing unused core extensions and moving extlib_inhertiable_* methods to use couchrest_inheritable_*
to avoid conflicts with Rails. (Geoff Buesing)
* Minor enhancements
* Support for CouchDB 1.0
* Added Document#id= support (issue detected by Rory Franklin with RSpec model stubs)
* Fixing issues with CouchDB 1.0 and RestClient
== 0.37
* Minor enhancements
* Added gemspec (needed for Bundler install) (Tapajós)
== 0.36
* Major enhancements
* Adds support for continuous replication (sauy7)
* Automatic Type Casting (Alexander Uvarov, Sam Lown, Tim Heighes, Will Leinweber)
* Added a search method to CouchRest:Database to search the documents in a given database. (Dave Farkas, Arnaud Berthomier, John Wood)
* Minor enhancements
* Provide a description of the timeout error (John Wood)
== 0.35
* Major enhancements
* CouchRest::ExtendedDocument allow chaining the inherit class callback (Kenneth Kalmer) -
* Minor enhancements
* Fix attachment bug (Johannes Jörg Schmidt)
* Fix create database exception bug (Damien Mathieu)
* Compatible with restclient >= 1.4.0 new responses (Julien Kirch)
* Bug fix: Attribute protection no longer strips attributes coming from the database (Will Leinweber)
* Bug fix: Remove double CGI escape when PUTting an attachment (nzoschke)
* Bug fix: Changing Class proxy to set database on result sets (Peter Gumeson)
* Bug fix: Updated time regexp (Nolan Darilek)
* Added an update_doc method to database to handle conflicts during atomic updates. (Pierre Larochelle)
* Bug fix: (Luke Burton)
== 0.34
* Major enhancements
* Added support for https database URIs. (Mathias Meyer)
* Changing some validations to be compatible with activemodel. (Marcos Tapajós)
* Adds attribute protection to properties. (Will Leinweber)
* Improved CouchRest::Database#save_doc, added "batch" mode to significantly speed up saves at cost of lower durability gurantees. (Igal Koshevoy)
* Added CouchRest::Database#bulk_save_doc and #batch_save_doc as human-friendlier wrappers around #save_doc. (Igal Koshevoy)
* Minor enhancements
* Fix content_type handling for attachments
* Fixed a bug in the pagination code that caused it to paginate over records outside of the scope of the view parameters.(John Wood)
* Removed amount_pages calculation for the pagination collection, since it cannot be reliably calculated without a view.(John Wood)
* Bug fix: (Luke Burton)
* Bug fix: (Marcos Tapajós)
* Removed the Database class deprecation notices (Matt Aimonetti)
* Adding support to :cast_as => 'Date'. (Marcos Tapajós)
* Improve documentation (Marcos Tapajós)
* Streamer fixes (Julien Sanchez)
* Fix Save on Document & ExtendedDocument crashed if bulk (Julien Sanchez)
* Fix Initialization of ExtendentDocument model shouldn't failed on a nil value in argument (deepj)
* Change to use Jeweler and Gemcutter (Marcos Tapajós)
== 0.33
* Major enhancements
* Added a new Rack logger middleware letting you log/save requests/queries (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Added #amount_pages to a paginated result array (Matt Aimonetti)
* Ruby 1.9.2 compatible (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added a property? method for property cast as :boolean (John Wood)
* Added an option to force the deletion of a attachments (bypass 409s) (Matt Aimonetti)
* Created a new abstraction layer for the REST API (Matt Aimonetti)
* Bug fix: made ExtendedDocument#all compatible with Couch 0.10 (tc)
== 0.32
* Major enhancements
* ExtendedDocument.get doesn't raise an exception anymore. If no documents are found nil is returned.
* ExtendedDocument.get! works the say #get used to work and will raise an exception if a document isn't found.
* Minor enhancements
* Bug fix: Model.all(:keys => [1,2]) was not working (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added ValidationErrors#count in order to play nicely with Rails (Peter Wagenet)
* Bug fix: class proxy design doc refresh (Daniel Kirsh)
* Bug fix: the count method on the proxy collection was missing (Daniel Kirsch)
* Added #amount_pages to a paginated collection. (Matt Aimonetti)
== 0.31
* Major enhancements
* Created an abstraction HTTP layer to support different http adapters (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added ExtendedDocument.create({}) and #create!({}) so you don't have to do (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Added an init.rb file for easy usage as a Rails plugin (Aaron Quint)
* Bug fix: pagination shouldn't die on empty results (Arnaud Berthomier)
* Optimized ExtendedDocument.count to run about 3x faster (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added Float casting (Ryan Felton & Matt Aimonetti)
== 0.30
* Major enhancements
* Added support for pagination (John Wood)
* Improved performance when initializing documents with timestamps (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Extended the API to retrieve an attachment URI (Matt Aimonetti)
* Bug fix: default value should be able to be set as false (Alexander Uvarov)
* Bug fix: validates_is_numeric should be able to properly validate a Float instance (Rob Kaufman)
* Bug fix: fixed the Timeout implementation (Seth Falcon)
Unfortunately, before 0.30 we did not keep a track of the modifications made to CouchRest.
You can see the full commit history on GitHub: