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Mercury Stacks

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Introducing Mercury Stacks

Basically Stacks are a way to tell mercury what environment you would like mercury to setup for you.

Currently there are two stacks:

  • JQuery
  • Sencha

You can specify the stack you would like to use using the stack argument in your setup:

mercury stack:sencha [project-name]

mercury stack:jquery [project-name]

We are planning on adding more stacks as needed.

JQUERY (default)

This stack creates the following file structure and files

  • javascripts
    – jquery-1.4.2.min.js
    – jquery-ui-1.8.custom.min.js
    – coffee-script.js
  • stylesheets
    – 960.css
    – reset.css
  • smoothness
    – (jquery-ui files)
  • images
    – bk_gradient.png


This stack creates the following file structure

  • javascripts
    – ext-touch.js
    – coffee-script.js
  • stylesheets
    – ext-touch.css
  • icon.png
  • phone_startup.png
  • tablet_startup.png
  • index.html