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A simple chef cookbook repository that can get you cooking locally with chef from opscode.


The current status of this project is FUNCTIONAL, but it has not gone through any testing other than personal use.

Please use at your own risk...Don't hesitate to leave a comment or submit a pull request


Sous-Chef, contains a recipe called create_recipe, which basically creates a scaffold of a cookbook.

It creates:

  • metadata.rb
  • readme.md
  • recipes/default.rb
  • attributes/[cookbook_name].rb
  • files/default
  • templates/default

How does it work?

  • Install chef on your machine, hopefully you have at least ruby 1.8.7 installed.

    gem install chef
  • git this project, fork it our clone it:

    git clone git://github.com/jackhq/sous-chef.git
  • open the solo.rb file and edit your paths in perspective to where you placed this cookbook repo

    file_cache_path "[your folder]/sous-chef"
    cookbook_path ["[your folder]/sous-chef/cookbooks","[your folder]/sous-chef/site-cookbooks"]
  • in the dna folder modify the create_recipe.json file to your machine specs

      "run_list": ["recipe[create_recipe]"],
      "owner": "[YOU]",
      "group": "[GROUP]",
      "location": "[your folder]/sous-chef/site-cookbooks",
      "recipe_name": "[NAME of Your New Recipe]",
      "recipe_description": "[Description of your new recipe]"
  • Run Chef-Solo and generate your scaffold of your new chef recipe

    chef-solo -c solo.rb -j dna/create_recipe.json

Congratulations! You should now have a Recipe Scaffold ready to go!

What are other things I can do with Sous-Chef?

  • you can archive your cookbooks

    rake chef:tar
  • you can push them to amazon s3 (Edit Rackfile with your bucket of choice)

    rake chef:push
  • you can create deployment json files and remotely deploy to servers:

check out solid at http://github.com/jackhq/solid