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Octo-ber game shenanigans
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glitch ghost

glitch ghost is all alone in the cemetery, please help them make some friends by turning the trespassing humans into new ghosts!


title screen


e - advance the title screen

e - haunt! if there is a person on the screen then they will run away from you. you can move while the person is running

w,a,s,d - move up, left, down, and right respectively


each screen of the cemetery has a unique layout of tombstones. you'll need to figure out how to get each person to run into their own graves. once scared, each person will run away from glitch ghost and turn right whenever they encounter an obstacle, be it a grave, the fence, or even glitch ghost themselves! only one person will enter the cemetery at a time, and they'll always come in through the front gate.


this game was made for Octo-ber Jam and the Octo Chip8 emulator. the configuration and source can be loaded from here.

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