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l-systems n'at

this is just a playful little project that I started to experiment with l-systems. its current iteration uses a static start and set of production rules, but randomizes the drawing rules. I deliberately made the production rules explicitly tree-like, but I think the random angles of the branches make for some really interesting drawings.


  1. download Processing
  2. fork this repository
  3. open the l_system folder with the Processing runtime and hit play


  • click and drag: rotate the system
  • c: reset the camera
  • s: take a screen shot
  • r: replay the current system
  • space: create a new system with random angles


alternatively, if you'd like to just see a live demo, I have it running up on my site

thank you

this project is built almost entirely upon Jose Sanchez's (@jomasan) tutorial. I may have refactored just about everything and added a few elements of my own but I wouldn't have known where to start without you. thank you Jose!