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Spelunky Inventory and Radar Hack

This is a hack for Spelunky that I've been building for my Abstractions Distraction, 'Video Game Hacking - Memory Introspection for Fun'.

spelunky inventory hack


I built this hack purely as an educational resource to introduce people to Cheat Engine and how to get into hacking games. I believe that the balance of spelunky is


This project is built aroung the GoG version of Spelunky. I haven't tested it with the Steam version so I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you there. Given that this tool makes the game easier and it doesn't disable network connections to the high score charts, I have no intention of porting it.


In order to run the SpelunkyInventoryCheat executable in bin/, start it up after you've chosen a character and are in the lobby. It will open two windows - a radar and an inventory book. You can use the book to give yourself any inventory items in the game, as well as adjust your life, bombs, and ropes.


The radar will show you the current positions of all enemies on the map (minus ones that have yet to spawn from pots or in-game triggers), including yourself and damsels. The colors are as follows:

  • white - the player
  • green - damsel
  • red - enemy
  • grey - dead body

spelunky radar, mines 1-2

The radar currently does not distinguish between hired hands or other characters, but in the big picture aren't they more enemy than ally?

Unfortuantely, the radar does not work properly with levels that are not standard size (like the lobby and worm). If you're able to find the appropriate memory flag that determines when you're on one of these special levels please let me know and I'll work on updating it!

Cheat Table

In addition to the executable, if you have Cheat Engine then you can load the cheat table Spelunky.CT manually. In addition to all of the inventory positions there are many other experimental entries that I haven't created an interface for yet. Please play around with them and have fun exploring!

note: while there are inventory flags for wearable items like the jetpack and cape, these are only flags in the players inventory and will not create the actual items until you enter a new level.


The cheat table also contains a few scripts that you can patch into the game to change the way it plays. For the 'spawn item on bomb' patch, after you enable it you must set the spawnItem flag to 1 and then enter an item ID into the itemId value. See notes/item-ids for a list of ID that I've discovered so far. Then, whenever you use use a bomb you will instead create the corresponding item.

I'll let you figure out what the rest of the patches do by their names.

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