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Vim Chip8 Sytnax and Indentation

very basic Vim syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Chip8 assembly. these rules will apply to any *.8o file.


clone the repository with git clone or download the latest release and copy the files into your Vim directory's corresponding ftdetect, syntax, and indent folders. If you prefer to use Pathogen then that should work too.


the SuperChip instruction set is a backwards compatible extension of Chip8 that adds, among other features, a higher resolution graphics mode and screen scrolling. Syntax highlighting for these instructions is disabled by default but you can enable them by uncommenting the following line in syntax/8o.vim:

"let b:superChip = 1

if you want to read more, go to the SuperChip documentation


the XO-Chip, much like the SuperChip, adds a variety of new instructions that are also backwards compatible with Chip8. This includes new instructions or updates to instructions that make working with an extended memory space much easier/possible. to enable these uncomment the following line in syntax/8o.vim:

"let b:xoChip    = 1

for more information here is the full XO-Chip specification


I don't have a lot of experience with Chip8 so if there are important rules that I missed or you have indentation problems please let me know by opening an issue or submitting a pull request!


Vim syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Chip8 assembly



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