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Requirements: Python 2.x, with bsddb and twisted packages
Usage: [options]
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--dumpwallet dump wallet in json format
--importprivkey=KEY import private key from vanitygen
--importhex KEY is in hexadecimal format
--datadir=DATADIR wallet directory (defaults to bitcoin default)
--wallet=WALLETFILE wallet filename (defaults to wallet.dat)
--label=LABEL label shown in the adress book (defaults to '')
--testnet use testnet subdirectory and address type
--namecoin use namecoin address type
use other network address type, whose version is
--info display pubkey, privkey (both depending on the
network) and hexkey
--reserve import as a reserve key, i.e. it won't show in the
adress book
prints balance of KEY_BALANCE
--web run pywallet web interface
--port=PORT port of web interface (defaults to 8989)
Debian-based Linux:
aptitude install build-essential python-dev python-twisted python-bsddb3
Mac OS X:
1. Install MacPorts from
2. sudo port install python27 py27-twisted py27-pip py-bsddb python_select
3. sudo port select --set python python27
4. sudo easy_install ecdsa
1. Install Python 2.7
2. Install Twisted 11.0.0 for Py2.7, then Zope.Interface (a .egg file) for Py2.7:
3. Untested, proposed by TeaRex: install Zope.Interface from
If this doesn't work, you will have to install the egg file:
3(32bit). to install setuptools
3(64bit). to download, then run
4. Go to C:\Python27\Scripts
5. Run easy_install.exe zope.interface-3.6.4-py2.7-win-amd64.egg
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