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Yarns Indie Reader

Please note: Yarns Indie Reader is no longer in development. Instead, I am focusing on its successor Yarns Microsub Server.

Yarns Indie Reader is an RSS and h-feed reader for WordPress. You can subscribe to blogs and websites, view their updates in a feed, then post likes and replies directly to your WordPress site.

Yarns Indie Reader allows you to subscribe to websites that publish either rss or h-feed. As well as keeping up with your subscriptions, you can like and reply and it create posts on your blog automatically.

Likes and replies made using Yarns are marked up with microformats. So if you have Webmentions enabled on your blog (e.g. using the Webmention plugin), your responses should show up correctly when replying to sites that can receive Webmentions.

Additionally, posts made using Yarns are compatible with the Post Kinds plugin.

Further information at:

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