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A To-Do manager for RoboFont
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A To-Do list manager for RoboFont.

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Either install RoboToDo through Mechanic, or download the .zip file and double click RoboToDo.roboFontExt.

Known Issues

  • Can't use the character sequence ### or ##### in To-Dos
  • Can cause Robofont to crash if user clicks quickly and repeatedly on toolbar item
  • Can only view the first line of each To-Do in manager
  • To-Do list doesn't resort itself after a new To-Do is created
  • All open lists should update when a new To-Do is created

Features Wishlist

  • Turn off toolbar items
  • Badge count for unfinished To-Do items (optional)
  • Double click on glyph name in To-Do list opens glyph
  • Sort glyphs by UC / lc
  • Archive to-do items instead of deleting them (or optionally delete)
  • Export all to-do items to .txt
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