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This is very much a work in progress for me - any questions, I'm usually on the Discord Channel and will be happy to help!

Home Assistant configuration

This is my Home Assistant configuration, I'm currently running . It is installed on a Raspberry Pi 3, using the Hassio Installer, on a 16 GB card After a change in home systems I now run the Home Assistant Docker image on my UnRaid server, it was sitting there, it seemed silly not to :) . I use a Smart Things Hub for both Z-Wave, and Zigbee control.

On the Server itself I run

The devices, services, and software I use (with HA)

Hardware Components

Software Components

Other software

Software that's run through my server and feeds into the rest of my HA setup

Presence detection

Currently I run a Bayesian Sensor that monitors both Owntracks and nMap

Template sensors



Future plans

General I add ideas and plans to the issues tab...However my general goal is to move away from remote control home to full automation.


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