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Simple Vue app (greenhouse gas tracking), for practice & experimentation adding TypeScript to Vue

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To run the project locally, clone the repo, install dependencies, and then serve the app

git clone
cd add-typescript-to-vue
npm install
npm run serve

And you're all set! The project should now be running at http://localhost:8080/

Note: if you'd rather not use Git, that's fine too. Here's where you can download the current state of the project as a ZIP file:

Extract that ZIP, and from the directory, run the install and serve commands in your terminal.

Adding TypeScript

We'll do this part together, at the Vue DC Meetup on 12.12.18

The first step is adding TypeScript through the Vue CLI:

npm install @vue/cli -g
vue add @vue/typescript

Then try it out

npm run build 

There will be errors! That's what we'll work through; feel free to start trying them out yourself.

Editor configuration & Linting

On a team project, it's very important to get linting & editor configurations consistent for all developers. For an individual project, it's much less important.

Because linting & editor configuration can be an issue for teams, this repo has been set up in a way that points to that. From the standard Vue "Hello, World" app, the following changes have been made:

  1. Custom rules added to package.json > eslintConfig > rules; some of these, like single quotes over double quotes, are specifically not the Vue default
  2. Included workspace settings for VS Code, that helps make auto-formatting work, in .vscode > settings.json
  3. Included recommended extensions for VS Code, so that a user is prompted to consider using them

Note that, because Vue comes with linting built-in, you can always accomplish the same things formatting extensions do by running

npm run lint

If you'd like the default Vue editing experience (perhaps, for example, you don't want your code to auto-format on save. Or you want spaces rather than tabs), you can do that easily:

  1. Remove all rules from package.json > eslintConfig > rules
  2. Remove all content from .vscode > settings.json
  3. Uninstall any VS Code extensions that you want to
  4. Run the following, to revert back to Vue's original linting recommendations:
npm run lint


Simple Vue app (greenhouse gas tracking), for practice & experimentation adding TypeScript to Vue






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