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A sort-imports rule that properly distinguishes between ES6 import types and that is also able to autofix all detected problems.

ESLint's built-in sort-imports rule considers the following to be the same type of import:

import foo from 'foo';
import { bar } from 'bar';

This version of the rule fixes that.

It accepts the same options as the original rule, but the multiple type corresponds to all named imports (regardless of how many are imported), while the single type corresponds only to default imports.

This rule respects whitespace and comments between imports by only looking at the order of (and sorting) consecutive import statements (those without newlines/comments in between them).

This fork also fixes the import order on eslint --fix. To avoid problems, it will only switch out the import statements, not comments on the same line, etc.

ESLint's built-in sort-imports is only able to sort variable names inside of multiple-imports.


npm i --save-dev eslint-plugin-sort-imports-es6-autofix

  "plugins": [
  "rules": {
    "sort-imports-es6-autofix/sort-imports-es6": [2, {
      "ignoreCase": false,
      "ignoreMemberSort": false,
      "memberSyntaxSortOrder": ["none", "all", "multiple", "single"]
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