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GW-BASIC ASCII Star Trek game based on code from Creative Computing
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GW-BASIC ASCII Star Trek game based on code from Creative Computing


Romulan @ DS9

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When I was 15 in 1993 through 1995 I took a Star Trek BASIC game in an old programming book I found at a thrift store and wrote an etch-a-sketch program to add graphics and an ASCII GUI front-end. I plan to port this to JavaScript for fun later when I have some free time (and have read up on a few more JS and graphics programming books).

NOTE: I taught myself to program on this game (very poorly). The code is spaghetti-code. (Hey, it's BASIC! Whaddaya expect! ;-) Also, I am not the original author of the original concept. See videos below for explanation. However, the graphics and heavy modifications are all my own. All Star Trek characters, etcetera, are trademarks of their respective owner(s) (i.e., CBS, Paramount), etcetera. (Please don't sue me!)

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  • Install the free DOS emulator to your computer. Click here for 'DOS Box' website and download

  • Copy all the Star Trek BASIC files in 'st_basic' to a folder on your computer (e.g. C:\DOS\st_basic)

  • Launch DOS Box. (Note: press ALT+ENTER to toggle between full-screen mode or windowed mode on a PC.)

  • Run the mount command to mount your DOS folder to the emulator's 'c' drive. Example:

Z:\> mount c c:\dos
  • Change to the c: drive and then to the star trek game directory:
cd st_basic
  • NOTE: Read the DOS Box manual to learn how to automate all of this away!

  • Launch the game and enjoy:

  • NOTE: The numbered keys at the bottom of the screen correspond to your keyboard's F1 - F10 function keys. Some laptops require the use of a "Fn" key in conjunction with the numbered keys on the keyboard. YMMV.

  • When done, press F10 to end the game and type "exit" at the DOS prompt to quit DOS Box.

  • Live long and prosper!

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