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A method of speeding up your concrete5 site. Note that tinifier is still a beta version, and to use on production sites with care.

Installation instructions-
1) download tinifier
2) move view.php to the root/libraries directory of your site
3) move tiny.php to the root/helpers directory of your site.
4) enjoy!
If you are having javascript issues, copy set $jscompress to 0. Css problems, set $csscompress to 0 Also, javascript with a class of nocombine will be ignored.
Debug  Instructions
1) create a new user that I can login in as with a name of say debugj
2) replace line 775 of the view.php file - currently
if(!$cp->canWrite() && !$c->isSystemPage()){
$u = new User();
3) private message me through c5 at the login details to the concrete5 backend and ftp

this will ensure that I can take a look at your site, but no one else will be able to see tinifier.

Want to help? See