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[Ghostless] (

Ghostless is a free Ghost minimalistic theme based on Less. You can consider it a port from Wordpress to Ghost.

It includes all of the features of the original theme but updated to Ghost.

Instalation instructions

  1. Copy the contents of the .zip file into /content/themes/.
  2. Restart your Ghost instance.
  3. From the Ghost admin select Ghostless as your theme.


How do I add an image at the top of the page?

Ghost Admin -> Settings -> General -> Blog Logo.

How do I add an author image?

Ghost Admin -> Settings -> User -> Profile Picture.

How do I enable Disqus comments?

Edit post.hbs, search for disqus_shortname and replace it's example value with your Disqus user short name.


Please note that due to limitations in Ghost the following features are not yet available:

  • pages
  • navigation links
  • category links
  • tag links

Please also note that some features can be available with some coding knowledge, but this is not in the scope of the theme.

Theme preview

Preview picture