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A CLI to make it a breeze to integrate docker to a new or existing Elixir/Phoenix project
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Dockerise your new or existing Elixir/Phoenix applications in one easy command.


Dockerise your Elixir project in one simple command.

You need to install this as an executable Escript. By downloading a binary you will be able to run exdocker my_project (where my_project is the name of the folder in which you would either like to create an Elixir app, or where one already eixsts.) for your Elixir project to be set up with some simple files to help Dockerise it.

  1. Make sure ~/.mix/escripts is in your machine's $PATH. You can do this by adding export PATH=~/.mix/escripts:$PATH to your .bashrc or similar file.
  2. mix escript.install hex ex_docker
  3. source ~/.bashrc -
  4. exdocker hello_docker - [info] Created new project: hello_docker


  • Create a new Elixir project

    1. mix my_project (create a new Phoenix project)
    2. exdocker my_project (add Docker & Make files)
  • Add to an existing Elixir project

    1. exdocker my_project

Three files get created in the root of your project:

  • docker-compose.yml
  • Dockerfile
  • Makefile

You can then run make init shell from the root to build and run Docker containers, then when this command finishes, you'll be inside a shell session with Elixir and Mix installed.

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