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# Chronicle
It ain't ready yet. But it won't be long.
By Jack McDade (inspired by Travis Schmeisser)
Chronicle is a simple, chronilogically organized, file-based publishing engine. It takes a content directory (which can contain literally anything you want, as long as you have an index.php file), adds a little yaml magic for meta data, and powers all the navigation between entries.
## Getting Started
* Drop Chronicle on your server (local or otherwise)
* Customize the main `config.yaml` file to set your global site information
* Start publishing!
## Diving In
* Chronicle looks for date-based directories inside the `/content` directory and will automatically redirect the user to the newest "entry" upon visiting the root url ("/").
* Your entries have `$prev` and `$next` path variables available to use in your index.php file. For example, add previous and next entry navigation. Look in the `/content` directory for examples
* If you add a `meta.yaml` file to any given content subdirectory, any of the [YAML]( key:value pairs will be availble to use in both the index.php view and archive listing page.
* Your archive page will pull all the meta data from all of your content directories to help you build a list. Look at `content/archive/index.php` for some examples.
### More complete documentation coming soon!

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