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Weird Wide Webring

The web needs a little more weird. These sites are helping.

Requirements for joining

Your site must be unique and weird in some way. It can be the way it looks. It can be the way you write or what you write about. It can be the way it smells. It can be the way your footer is covered in feet, your sidebar has a sidebartender, or blog is spelled "blag". But there must be something.

Important Note

I reserve the right to remove or reorder links if I feel it will help the user experience. The weirdest ones will likely go to the top, encouraging the weird to be weirder!

How to submit your site

Add the webring links to your site first, then fork this repo, add your site's name and URL to the sites.js file, and send me a pull request with why you want to join. That's it. If you're weird enough and want it enough, I'll let you in.

I hope you don't take offense if you don't get approved. Not everyone will make it. If at first you don't get in, tweak and try again! I simply must think of the people finding this webring and hope to give them a consistently weird experience in some way.

How to add the webring to your site

If you want in, you should display your webring links with pride. Rather than require scripts and injecting hard to override HTML into your beautifully wierd website, you can style your links however you want. Make them weird, beautiful, nostalgic, minimalistic, outrageous, whimsicle, mysterious, fragrant, terrifying, or covered in hot butter. Just make it yours.

All you need to do is add the following links to your site somewhere:

Link Description URL
Previous site
Next site
Random site
List all sites
Join the ring

The link will work out your position in the list and redirect visitors to the next site in the webring.

Links API

You can retrieve a list of the webring links (next/previous/random/list/join) as either an HTML unstyled-list partial or a JSON file from:

Privacy First

We don't collect or store any information beyond the list of sites themselves. This is for fun, not for profit.


The web needs a little more weird. These sites are helping. Apply to join!






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