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Added option to allow positioning to work in a Facebook iFrame (page tab or app) #93

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Added the inFBiframe boolean option, and code that checks for the Facebook FB object (from the Facebook Javascript SDK) so that the Colorbox positioning can be used within a Facebook tab or app iframe. If both conditions are met (option = true and FB object exists), my update will use FB.Canvas.getPageInfo() to get the initial scrollTop/scrollLeft values as Facebook does not give the proper window.scrollTop/window.scrollLeft values (both are 0 by default.)

(Please ignore the changes to the minified file, it is not up to date with the changes to this main file and was hand-edited to add in the functionality described above, but without the boolean flag.)

mizterp commented Jun 10, 2011

Thanks man!
Just what I needed for my FB apps :)


No problem, glad someone else found it useful.

@localpcguy localpcguy Edit to add classes to the Colorbox div when the .load() function is …
…called based on which type of content was loaded (inlineHTML, inlineContent, iframe, image) - allows ability to customize styling of the colorbox content if the same function is used for multiple colorbox loads throughout the site
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