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FastNoise SIMD

Ultra fast Perlin and Simplex noise functions sped up with SSE2,SSE4, and AVX2 instructions. If you are interested in this you may want to refer to: A similarly named library inspired by this one that is more user friendly and even faster.

FastNoise.h / cpp

Contains SIMD constants, constant lookup tables, and SIMD intrinsic helper #defines which allow you to switch between SSE2, SSE4, and AVX2 builds by adjusting the #defines at the top. The SIMD typedef allows us to abstract the __m128 and __m256 types for each case. It should not be too hard to adapt this to AVX512 or other instruction sets, just add a new set of #defines for the instructions in question, and a new typedef for SIMD. Please feel free to add other SIMD platforms and pull request!

FastNoise3d.h / cpp

The base Perlin and Simplex noise functions, provided in both SIMD and non SIMD form.

FractalNoise3d.h / cpp

Various fractal noise variants, in SIMD and non SIMD form.These methods iterate overthe noise functions at different scales, providing very detailed and interesting patterns.

NoiseUtility.h / cpp

Utility functions to grab large chunks of noise at a time. The Sphere methods will create noise that can be texture mapped to a sphere. Methods to return 2d noise for flat textures and methods that accept a set of coordinates and return the noise would be next up. Feel free to pull request that!


Perlin style noise sped up with SIMD instructions







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