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Key Comps 2018-19

Running the application

The folder "app" contains a django app (located in "backend") and a react frontend (located in "frontend").

To start up the backend, you'll first need to install "pipenv." Google it or you can try "pip install --user pipenv" via a terminal window. Next, via terminal, cd into "myapp\backend" and run "pipenv install", "pipenv shell", and finally " runserver". Leave this terminal window open, it is running the backend now (hopefully).

To run the frontend, you'll need Node installed. Google it. In a new terminal window, cd into "myapp\frontend" and run "npm install" followed by "npm start". A browser window should open up with a list of "Key Youths."

Here's the tutorial I followed if you want to get a sense for how things interact:


  • When starting to work on an issue, create a new branch off of 'develop' using git flow-ish naming style with a prefix followed by an objective summary. For instance, if you were adding a feature that installs a bouncy house in the living room, the branch would be called 'feature/add_bouncy_house_to_living_room'
  • When you're done with a branch, create a pull request back to develop. Ideally 1 or 2 people should 'approve' the pull request prior to merging it.


Attendance System for the Northfield Union of Youth



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