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KRT Free (Electronics Inside 4 by 4 Pack)

There are 4 developing modules.

  • VCF - A Sallen-Key filter, with various interpolated 2, 3 and 4 pole basics, feedback rez with low and band pass inputs.
  • PLL - A dual PLL interpolation VCO, full multipliers and independant channel filters, plus VCO FM.
  • PM - A phase modulator through zero and DC sub flip. Various insert points with feedback.
  • DST - A distrotion unit, with 3 algorithms and a summed out.

KRT Free (Electronics Inside 1 in 3 Pack)

There are 4 developing modules.

  • VCO - A 1 output shaped oscillator, as 2 sub octaves down and shaping.
  • LFO - An LFO with one output. The inputs are freq, sync trigger and SH rate.
  • CHD - A 3 note chord quantizer. With drift envelope tuning.
  • PHY - A complex physical modelled 4 output wave source.

Source DSL (All-in-one DSP.hpp edits)

The source has a domain specific language to compile modules. Current syntax includes

  • BEGIN(classname, "readable name") ... cpp inards of step ... END
  • IN, OUT, PARA, LIGHT for all those easy controls used in DSP
  • LIBINIT ... global ... GENERIC ... local ... STEP ... tick ... SHOW(size) ... gui ... LIBEND
  • INPUT, OUTPUT, CTRL, LED to place things on the show
  • IS(classname) used in gui for specific design
  • libs.hpp place to put all your library includes
  • a standardized co-ordinate system based on size 5 multiples, 4 centred knobs, 6 sockets in 2 columns and 2 leds per size 5
  • a .svg standard path in /res based on classname
  • TYPE ... type expression ... DEF ... func name and args ... SUB ... code ... RETURN for generic functions
  • TYPE ... type expression ... DEF ... var name (and array) ... VAR for generic variables