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This is an Android Terminal emulator. It enables you to access your Android
device's built-in command-line shell.

This terminal emulator emulates Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal
escape codes. It is designed to be used with command-line programs and
curses-based applications like vi, emacs, nethack, and dropbear ssh.


+ Connects to your Android device's built-in command-line shell.
+ Comprehensive VT100 terminal emulation.
+ Supports a range of font sizes
+ Supports several choices of text and background color.
+ 1000-line transcript buffer.
+ Can send transcript as an email message.


+ What can I do with this?

A you can run and control command-line applications on your Android device.

+ Why would I want to do that?

For fun! There are a wealth of Linux utility programs that can be made to work
on Android, and this terminal emulator provides a good way of interacting with

+ Does this application give me "root" access?

No, it doesn't. It runs as an ordinary application, with no special access

+ How can I build this?
Build instructions can be found in the docs directory.
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