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GL ES Quake: A port of Quake to OpenGL ES and the Android platform
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GLES Quake

This is a port of Quake to OpenGL ES and the Android platform.

It is not finished. Among other problems:

 + The UI is optimized for play using the T-Mobile G1.
   (It assumes a keyboard with the G1 layout.)
 + There is no sound.
In order to run Quake on the emulator and/or an Android device, you must:

	1) Obtain the Quake Game Data Files
    2) Obtain the QuakeActivity.apk file. You can either use the prebuilt version
       in the "release" directory,
       or you can build it yourself from the included sources.
    3) Install the QuakeActivity.apk file on your Android device
	5) Install the Quake data files on your Android device SD card
	6) Run Quake
	7) Uninstall Quake (this step is optional)

See the various documents in the docs folder for more details.
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