WordPress theme built with ReactJS and Redux calling WP-REST-API for content
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A React+Redux WordPress theme

WordPress theme built with react calling WP-API for content.

Live Demo

It's now the live theme on my personal site.


I wanted to play with the shiny new WP-REST-API, explore es6 and transpiling, and finally work on a full project using React+Redux. I wrote a bit about the journey on my blog. I'll update more about the process as I complete the To Do list below.

Current Features

If you install it in WordPress v4.7 or greater it will work out of the box and have many of the features you'd want in a simple blog.

Existing features include:

  • Dynamic menus (main menu + footer menu)
  • "Template pages" equivalence for index.php, single.php, search.php, category.php... but in React/Redux
  • Search
  • Category archive pages
  • First level sub-categories
  • Tags
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Threaded comments
  • Dynamic Head title tag

How do I run Webpack?

  • run npm install, or yarn
  • run webpack or webpack -p (to minify)

To Do

  • Widgets
  • Static home page
  • Analytics reporting
  • SEO
  • more...

What does it look like?

it looks like this

Want to help out?

Or do you just want to use it yourself? Be my guest. I'd love to see it out in the wild, so please share how you're using it. Sooner than later you'll see a live version on my site, so keep watch for it.