Creates complete development environment for local development using vagrant.
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Vagrant Ubuntu WordPress Local Development Environment

Disclaimer: This is for a local development environment, for the sake of brevity a number of security best practices have been skipped. I built this to learn more about how to automate my environments. If you choose to use this, your are responsible for the outcome.


To use

git clone cd vagrant-ubuntu-wp-dev-env vagrant up On your host machine add play.lcl to your hosts file

Will create a WordPress install with login admin:admin

NOTE: For Upgraders

If you are actively using this, don't git pull, your site won't work as-is. I have updated the file structure of the server so instead of running from /var/www/play, it now runs from /var/www/html. Clone this to a separate folder, vagrant up. Once it's up and running you can move over the files you need.


  • Ubuntu Xenial 64
  • Percona 5.7
  • Nginx 1.13
  • PHP-fpm 7.2
  • wp-cli
  • phpunit
  • python 3
  • Node/Npm default
  • Bower
  • Webpack

Change log

== Version 2.0 ==

  • PHP7.1
  • Percona 5.7
  • Python3