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Bubbleware (n.): Software designed for hipsters designing software. Typically delivered "as a service" since hipsters would not know how to use it otherwise.

Decarbonate is an open source Slack-to-email digester and gateway. It comes with two scripts:

  1., which downloads messages from a certain Slack channel over a certain time period and concatenates them to stdout.
  2., which accepts an Email on stdin and posts a message with the email body to a certain slack channel.

You will need a slack API token to use these. To get one, set up a new "app" in Slack, and give it most of the permissions. (what could go wrong?)

I guess how you decide to use these is up to you, but I make a suggestion (how I use it) how to use it in a nice setup with Postfix and cron.

  1. First, place the scripts somewhere on your system (I use /var/decarbonate/).

  2. Add an alias for the slack account which pipes to the deliver script:

    slack: "|/var/decarbonate/"

    (don't forget to run newaliases)

  3. Make sure the recipient delimiter is set to + in your

    recipient_delimiter = +
  4. Make a file /etc/bubbles for the cron job to read. It might look something like this:

    name Slack Workspace for teh Hipsters!
    token xoxp-1234567890...
    channel C123458 general
    channel C123456 random

    You can get those channel ID's by running -l YOUR-TOKEN-HERE.

  5. Copy the cron job to /etc/cron.daily/ (or run it daily, however you like).