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I've tried to rumble modal dialog from Twitter Bootstrap and the modal gets moved outside the browser window (all settings are default). The following changes seems to help with FF but not with Safari:

/* Rumble Element
var cx = parseInt($this.css('left')) + rx;
var cy = parseInt($this.css('top')) + ry;
'position':'absolute', // 'relative',
'left': cx + 'px', // 'left':rx+'px',
'top': cy + 'px', // 'top':ry+'px',
/* Rumble CSS Reset
var reset = {
// 'left':0,
// 'top':0,

Check it out when you have a chance.



Hey, right now the best way to handle rumbling absolute and fixed position elements, which is what I assume the Bootstrap modal is, is to wrap the element you want to rumble. Then, set the positioning (absolute or fixed) on the wrapper, and apply the rumble to the static or relatively positioned inner item. This is something I eventually want to fix, but that is the best way for now. Is Bootstrap very flexible with adding wrappers to other elements, such as modals? I haven't used it much.

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