An interactive playground for experiments with's geom libraries.
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In my continuing effort to get the Clojure community to notice Karsten Schmidt, and the creative coding community to notice Clojure, I've created this little interactive playground for experiments with Karsten's libraries. A live version is hosted here.


  • Select model to generate from pallette
  • Switch between normal & stereo rendering modes

Keyboard shortcuts

  • w / s - zoom in/out
  • [ / ] - adjust eye separation for stereo rendering mode (see HUD in top-right corner)

Since it's hard to determine the correct eye separation without a VR device, with my cross-eyed experiments, I believe the sweetspot is at ~ -0.31. It's best to use a simple object (e.g. cube) and also somewhat zoom out. Once you see in stereo, then switch to more exciting objects (e.g. algae)...

Getting Started

After checking out the repo (and assuming boot is installed):

  1. Start the boot development server: $ boot dev

  2. Point your browser of choice at http://localhost:3000/

  3. Connect your editor to the nrepl server that boot started, which in emacs can done via M-x cider-connectlocalhostgeometer:port-number.

  4. Refresh your browser to make sure all the bits are talking to each other.

  5. If you're using emacs, cider-eval-buffer.

  6. Begin evaluating forms.

N.B. Saving any cljs file will trigger recompilation of the entire file and an automatic reload of the namespace. The current model and view rotation are defined using defonce to avoid jankiness.

The Code

There are examples of creating meshes from primitive shapes, including extruding 3D meshes from 2D primitives, and implementations for a couple of simple generative techniques. More will follow.