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A tiny data-storage engine
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I recently rewrote this whole thing, and am working to get back to the point I was at.

A quick, little, standalone, data-storage engine running on TCP.


Queries are just sentences. The first word of the line is the command. Current commands are ECHO, GET, SET, and BYE.

Sample interaction, as seen from server log.

2k5f27rnr1nm logged in
2k5f27rnr1nm <= echo this is TeaCup
2k5f27rnr1nm => this is TeaCup
2k5f27rnr1nm <= get names
2k5f27rnr1nm => {"john":30,"stacy":34,"joe":16,"carol":21}
2k5f27rnr1nm <= get names.john
2k5f27rnr1nm => 30
2k5f27rnr1nm <= set names.john 12
2k5f27rnr1nm => john updated
qfrdvpxh94a7 logged in
qfrdvpxh94a7 <= get names.john
qfrdvpxh94a7 => 12
2k5f27rnr1nm <= bye
qfrdvpxh94a7 logged out
2k5f27rnr1nm logged out

To interact with the server over tcp on the command line, I suggest using netcat. For SSL, I suggest openssl

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