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This document provides general information on my Ghostbusters iOS game.

Why Ghostbusters

Do you like Ghostbusters? Do you like shooting ghosts? Well this game is for you!

How it Works

You have joined the Ghostbusters! There has been suspicious activity reported in the haunted graveyard. Shoot all the ghosts that appear on the right side of the screen. If a ghost reaches the left side of the screen without being shot, you die! So aim carefully!

To shoot your proton gun, click the screen in the direction you want to aim. Good luck!

How it's made

This game was constructed using Swift version 4.0.2, Xcode version 9.1 and SpriteKit.

For local use

# Clone repository
git clone

# Change directory
cd Ghostbusters-Swift-Game

# Download Xcode from the iTunes store
# Open file in Xcode
# Run the game in the Xcode simulator by clicking the play button