A React application for tracking alcohol intoxication
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This document provides general information on the Buzz-Kill client-side application. For more information about the Buzz-Kill API, please see Buzz-Kill back end.

Why Buzz-Kill

Every restaurant, bar and club owner wants to provide a safe and enjoyable guest experience. Buzz-Kill is an easy-to-use tool that helps managers and their staff monitor patrons' alcohol consumption and spot potential problems early. It requires minimal additional effort by servers and presents information in a format that is easy for busy managers to process in a quick glance.

How it Works

Buzz-Kill's main screen displays colored boxes representing each patron in the establishment.

When a new patron arrives, the server includes simple, additional information required for the ongoing bac calculation.

The large numbers and color coding make the patron tile easy to understand. Additionl information available includes seat location, time of stay, and a graphic representation of drink purchases.

And if someone goes too far, help is a click away.

For local use

# Clone repository
git clone https://github.com/jackseabolt/buzz-kill-frontend.git

# Change directory
cd buzz-kill-frontend

# Install NPM dependencies
npm install

# Start the server
npm start