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A moderation tool for reddit that flairs posts based on comment scores.
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A reddit bot created to help moderate subreddits, incorporating auto-flairing, commenting, and required approvals.


Currently, the bot is able to:

  • Automatically comment on every new post
  • Flair posts based on the score of the comment
  • Report posts based on the score of that comment
  • Remove posts that receive high numbers of upvotes and haven't been approved.
  • Log all actions in a separate text file and subreddit


There is currently a short FAQ hosted here

Getting Started

Alright! Now that the bot is universalized, we can get the show on the road!

  1. Clone the repo. Simply type git clone where you want this directory.

  2. Open Fill in all of the responses. Enter \n for any text, comment, etc that you do not wish to enable. Do not leave fields blank!

  3. Then, after all that is done, change the file name of samplelogin.ini to praw.ini.

  4. Create a reddit app. Go here

    • scroll to the bottom and select "Create another app...".
    • Make up a name and description and select script.
    • Set the redirect url to
    • Add your bot account as a developer
    • Inset the public and secret keys into praw.ini.
    • Insert your (the bot's) username and password into praw.ini. (you can't have 2FA on)
    • DO NOT UPLOAD PRAW.INI TO THE INTERNET, NOW OR EVER!!! Keep this stored locally. If on github, add it to your .gitignore.
  5. Run it! The main file is, it'll create a log for you. Based on your system, you can set it as a scheduled job to run every x minutes. For cron on linux systems, you'll want to use, modified for your directory structure.

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