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Cleaned up prices

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jacksongs committed Mar 13, 2015
1 parent 0c11a5a commit d08390bd48bb940af575404472be26f7a4e27fe4
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@@ -180,17 +180,17 @@
listing["Negotiation"] = "(by negotiation)" in or "By Negotiation" in
listing["Range"] = "-" in
if listing["Range"] == True:
listing["Range low"] ="-")[0].strip()
listing["Range high"] ="-")[1].strip()
listing["Range low"] ="-")[0].strip().replace("$","").replace(",","")
listing["Range high"] ="-")[1].strip().replace("$","").replace(",","")
listing["Upwards of"] = u"+" in
if listing["Upwards of"] == True:
listing["Price"] ="+","")
listing["Price"] ="+","").replace("$","").replace(",","")
if listing["Auction"] == False:
if listing["Under offer"] == False:
if listing["Negotiation"] == False:
if listing["Range"] == False:
if listing["Upwards of"] == False:
listing["Price"] =
listing["Price"] ="$","").replace(",","")
except Exception as e:
print e,link["Link"],'Something went wrong with the listing for',

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