A system of "tone-letters" (Chao 1930)
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A system of "tone-letters" (Chao 1930)

This repository hosts the Chao 1930 paper entitled 'A system of "tone-letters"' typeset in ordinary English orthography by Jackson Lee:

To compile the .tex (assuming you are at this directory on the command line):

$ latex chao1930.tex
$ dvipdf chao1930.dvi

A scan of the original paper (written in IPA) is also available: chao1930-original.pdf

Change log

  • September 2016

    Differentiate the two kinds of "tone letters", one with the reference bars on the right (as implemented in vanilla LaTeX tipa) and the other with the reference bars on the left (as used for English intonation, page 26 of Chao 1930, and the Tibetan illustration, page 27). Thanks to Alexis Michaud for pointing out the differences.

  • July 2015

    First version