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To install from this source tree:

make dev

To make all packages

make all
make install

##Testing the latest YUI release with Node

I've tried to make it simple to test the latest YUI source code against my nodejs package. First you need to install yuitest:

npm install yuitest

Now, go into your clone of the yui3 source tree and npm install it:

cd /path/to/yui3
npm install .

Now you can test this code:

yuitest ./tests/*.js

Currently there are over 100 tests that should pass 100% if your YUI3 code works ;)


If you are patching YUI core or working with Dom/Event/Node code, you really need to check to make sure that your code doesn't contain things that will break on the server. Each time you do a build, you should also follow the steps above to npm install then yuitest ./tests/*.js to make sure you didn't introduce a change that will break when your code is executed on the server.