Qt-based utility for watching and downloading swedish broadcasting.
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Build instructions

Pirateplayer depends upon Qt4, Qt Desktop Components, librtmp, libarchive, libtidy-html5, Ffmpeg and the Pirateplay.se API.


  1. Run 'qmake' (optionally 'qmake PREFIX=yourdir' for custom prefix [default: /usr/local/]).
  2. Run 'make'.
  3. Optionally run 'make clean' to remove files created during compilation.
  4. Run 'make install' as root to install and you're done! To uninstall: run 'make uninstall' as root.


  1. Follow steps one and two from Unix/Linux instructions.
  2. Run 'cd build/target'
  3. Run 'macdeployqt -dmg pirateplayer.app'
  4. You now have an Apple disk image, "pirateplayer.dmg" to install!