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E-Commerce Mobile App for iOS and Android, built with Flutter that connects with Mezzanine
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E-Commerce Mobile App for iOS and Android, built with Flutter that connects with Mezzanine

A complete e-commerce starter app with customisable Material Design theme built with Flutter that connects to a Mezzanine CMS installation, and integrates with Stripe, or with any of the configurable payment handlers.

See the accompanying blog post.

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The Flutter app includes all of the original e-commerce features of a Mezzanine Cartridge website as viewed on a phone, but is built with the user journey on a phone specifically in mind. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the mobile web version (with the default theme) and this app. In addition to the updated layout of the app's views, the app also only connects to the backend during startup to load settings, products, categories etc., and when placing orders, so that data is not loaded repeatedly for every view. And of course, it would be native phone apps and be available on the App Store and Play Store.


iOS Demo

Android Demo

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Getting Started

Sign up for Heroku, Amazon Web Services and Stripe

Set up the CMS

Set up a Mezzanine e-commerce CMS project with an accessible API

Set up a Mezzanine e-commerce installation on Heroku, with API endpoints for mobile apps with this project. You can just use the Deploy to Heroku button.


Add products

Add an API key


Install Flutter

Configure the app

Update lib/config.dart with your settings

Run the app


flutter packages get
flutter packages pub run build_runner build
flutter run

Customise the theme

See the Flutter docs for creating a custom Material Design theme. The MaterialApp constructor is in lib/main.dart.


See the Flutter docs for building and releasing for iOS and Android.

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