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sound.h is a clone of MuddyGB, a music progam for the Nintendo GameBoy. For directions on compiling from source, see INSTALL.


The directional pad acts to play the notes of the chosen scale.

The START button raises and lowers the scale by an octave.

The A button lowers the pitch by a semitone. The B button raises the pitch by a perfect 4th.

The SELECT button acts to select options. SELECT + RIGHT selects the current mode. SELECT + UP or DOWN selects the scale tonic (base note). SELECT + LEFT selects the waveform.

Available modes

Ionian (Major), Aeolian (Natural minor), Harmonic minor, Blues, Dorian, Lydian, Whole-tone

(see scales.c)

Available waveforms

  • Pulse waves at 50%, 25% and 12.5% duty cycle
  • A saw-like wave (12.5% + 25% pulse waves)
  • "Wavering" (CH2 slightly higher frequency than CH1)
  • Pulse waves perfect 5ths apart
  • Wawa-ing pulse waves
  • Echoing pulse waves

(see play_note and update_waveform in boueux.c)

For future versions

The A button will glide the pitch up and down a semitone like in MuddyGB, instead of dropping straight down.

Compiling from source

There are currently no configuration options. With GBDK installed, run

$ make