A Java library that gets your pollen forecast from Wunderground
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Pollen Buddy

A small and experimental Java Wunderground Pollen API library.

What it do:

Gets you four date pollen prediction in the United States using the Wunderground API using simply your zipcode.

This library gives you:

  1. String - Today's date
  2. String - Today's primary pollen type
  3. String - Name of the city requested
  4. Collection<String> - Four days of pollen index predictions
  5. Set<Date> - Four dates including today
  6. Integer - Entered zipcode

More Info You Don't Care About

Currently there are no existing APIs on the web that gets live pollen data with predictions. This gets you that.

I am open sourcing this library I wrote last year because a few people expressed their interest in using it after I wrote about it in my blog.


You can use this anywhere the MIT license permits.

Please kindly credit me, however, when you use this library, and if possible, contribute back patches when/if necessary.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT use this library in a live production settings!

It uses JSoup to scrape HTML directly off of Wunderground's Pollen site, and Wunderground could tweak their HTML/CSS just a bit, and it would break this library. I am not responsible for you losing millions of dollars.

Actually that would be pretty cool.