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Coven CLI

All the news a programmer needs in your command line!


Coven CLI is a command line version of the incredible programmer news aggregator which aggregates news from the Hacker News, /r/Programming, Lobsters, and Product Hunt.

Coven CLI is super fast, using local caching to get the busy you the latest programming news.


PHP and Mac OS X (the open command is currently only supported in Mac OS X. When I have time I will add support for Linux distros)


git clone
cd coven-cli
alias coven='php coven-cli.php' # Optional, but recommended


Get the latest Coven headline

$ coven

Refresh your feed

$ coven refresh

Open post #2 in your browser

$ coven open 2 

Get help [WIP]

$ coven help


Because Coven is awesome (give the cool Coven dev Ryan your love). Also, what better way to learn vi than to program something with it? This is my first project done entirely in vi. And I love it more and more each day.

How to Contribute

  1. Check the issues

  2. Check the TODOs in the code

  3. Open an issue for bugs/featureRequests/feedback

  4. Fork it

  5. Write features

  6. Push and submit pull requests