apply Powershell for environment configuration management on Windows Platform.
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This goal of this project is to apply Powershell for environment configuration management on Windows Platform       
Let's take a development team for example.

The team has:

* 30 dev machines
* 20 CI agents
* 10 QA machines

The team is facing the problem that:

1. The team is adding more and more team members, and the ghost mirror doesn't suit for all machines, so we wasted a lot of time setting up environment for each new team member or new CI agent.

2. As time passed, the development environment is changing, e.g. .NET version is upgraded from 3.5 to 4.0, AppFabric is introduced to do session management, etc. Every time one change happens, we need to apply the change on every dev/qa machine and CI agents. This process is time consuming and error-prone.  

In order to resolve those problems, the team has to manage environment configuration with scripts.

The target is:

1. Using PowerShell scripts to install software, install Windows updates, update IIS settings, install/uninstall Windows services, change firewall settings, etc.

2. Build an abstract layer for Windows 2003 and 2008 which supports powershell, so that the functions defined on psbuild can be executed on those platforms, just like "fog".