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Various tools to process the D programming language
D PowerShell Shell
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DLP - D Language Processing

DLP is a tool collecting commands/tasks related to processing the D programming language. It uses the DMD frontend as a library to process D code.


To run this tool you need to have druntime and Phobos installed. This is easiest accomplished by installing the DMD compiler:


For the latest release see: releases/latest. Pre-compiled binaries are available for macOS and Linux as 64 bit binaries and Windows as 32 and 64 bit binaries. The Linux binaries are completely statically linked and should work on all distros. The macOS binaries should work on macOS Mavericks (10.9) and later.



Prints all leaf functions to standard out. A leaf function is a function that doesn't call any other functions, or doesn't have a body.


$ cat test.d
void main()
$ dlp leaf-functions test.d
test.d:1:6: test.d.main


Prints the inferred attributes of all functions that are normally not inferred by the compiler. These are regular functions and methods. Templates, nested functions and lambdas are inferred by the compiler and will not be included by this command


$ cat test.d
void main()
$ dlp infer-attributes test.d
test.d:1:6: main: pure nothrow @nogc @safe


Building is done using Dub.

  1. Clone the repository using:
    git clone --recursive
  2. Run dub build to build the project

Running the Tests

Running the tests is done using Dub.

  1. Clone the repository using:
    git clone --recursive
  2. Run dub test to run the tests
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