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* Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 Jacob Carlborg. All rights reserved.
* Authors: Jacob Carlborg
* Version: Initial created: May 18, 2011
* License: $(LINK2, Boost Software License 1.0)
module orbit.orb.commands.Install;
import mambo.core._;
import Path =;
import orbit.orb.Command;
import orbit.orbit.Fetcher;
import orbit.orbit.Installer;
import orbit.orbit.Orb;
import orbit.orbit.OrbVersion;
import orbit.orbit.Repository;
class Install : Command
private string defaultOrbVersion;
this (string name, string summary = "")
super(name, summary);
this ()
super("install", "Install an orb into the local repository");
defaultOrbVersion = OrbVersion.invalid.toString;
override void execute ()
auto orb = new Orb(arguments.first, arguments["version"]);
scope repository = Repository.instance(arguments.source);
orb = Orb.load(orb, repository);
scope installer = new Installer(orb, repository);
protected override void setupArguments ()
.help("URL or local path used as the remote source for orbs.");
.help("Specify version of orb to fetch.");
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