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APA LaTeX Template

What is this?

This is a working starting point for composing documents in APA (psychology) 6th edition format with LaTeX. In the spirit of one of LaTeX's greatest strengths, this is offered to help writers focus on content rather than formatting.

Where did this come from?

I'm a researcher in an academic discipline that primarily uses APA format. While I liked using LaTeX to produce my documents, the process of getting started was becoming a big pain. I gradually started building up this template for my own use and decided to share it to keep others from having to do the same. Others with expertise can likewise tweak and add to improve it.

Other specifics

This is set up assuming the user will manage their references with biblatex and biber as the backend. I think this is the most common way to do it nowadays, but some will likely want to manage them some other way. For the most part, this won't be too difficult to convert on your end but for now I am not providing any documentation to use natbib or bibtex, though I may in the future and I'd be happy for others to add it or create a branch/fork to do so.

Please feel free to create issues, fork, or do whatever you think will help others get the most out of this.

Resources for using LaTeX for APA documents

Some of these helped me to construct this document, others helped me understand LaTeX, all are of help in the overall process of getting a good document.


I am licensing this under GPL 3.0, so just credit me if you decide to distribute a template that you built based on the one provided here. I'd also love to know, for what it's worth. See LICENSE.txt for more details. See this conversation on Stack Exchange for why I decided to license it and do so as software (I was not involved in the Q&A).

Final note

To be clear, this template is not endorsed by the American Psychological Association, the maintainers of the apa6 document class for LaTeX, or anyone else of great importance. For more documentation on using apa6, refer to its page at CTAN or the other links included above.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without warranty. I cannot be held liable for botched theses, angry advisors, or illiterate peer reviewers.


A LaTeX template for composing manuscripts in the American Psychology Assocation's 6th edition format.







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